About the HHRL environment

The HHRL team consists of self-employed self-managed and highly skilled entrepreneurs with a passion for research and development. Apart from our insatiable hunger for knowledge, we believe in building long-term relationships with our customers by continuously developing the highest-quality products. We innovate to exceed our customers expectations with "out of the box" features and functionality.

HHRL's services are used by the private, commercial and industrial sectors. The HHRL name is embedded into the food, automotive, aerospace, entertainment and education industries with custom designed products. Our development is academic-driven, however we rely on creativity and experience to achieve goals. We are committed to continually meet the high quality standards set by our clients and have over 40 years of combined research & development experience.


Prior 2009 - The majority of team-players completed school and tertiary studies. Some early projects dates back to 2003.

2009 - The HHRL consortium was established in to address the industry gap between creative thinkers with innovative ideas, and an actual product to reach their intended market.

2011 - The acquisition of the first 3D printer changed the world of HHRL forever

2014 - PCB assembly service division opened. The second 2D printer added redundancy to the 3D printing services.

2015 - Financial Planning division opened, as well as CAM division with a CNC lathe and milling machines to expand capabilities.

2016 - PCB assembly services acquired a pick & place machine. Laser cutting and engraving services also became available. A second PCB milling machine changed rapid prototyping for electronic designs

2017 - HHRL designed its first CNC plasma cutter and water-jet cutter. The company also ordered a 4th 3D printer to keep up with the demand. The first vehicle ECU is developed along with a complete digital instrument panel intended for the sport car industry.

2018 - HHRL kids Discovery Series made available to allow the youth to experience the excitement of inventions, the power of knowledge, the pleasure of success, and a bright future through skills and competencies.  


  • Computer, Electronic, Mechanical, Chemical and Sound Engineering

  • Vehicle ECUs, Speedometers & Gauges

  • Financial project planning

  • CAM / CNC Machines (3D Printers, milling, laser, water-jet cutting)

  • LED & Solar lighting

  • Energy management solutions

  • Audio signal processing and amplifiers

  • Video processing

  • Digital signal processing

  • Control systems

  • Graphical user interfaces (HMI's)

  • Biomechatronics

  • Artificial neural networks

  • Network security

  • Power electronics